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But the garlic had to be eaten with nothing else and you couldn't eat or drink anything else for one hour. No one believed that it worked until they actually tried it. They also (in a time period that I did not tell you * smirks * ) found out if you planted one of the kernels (they used to think that you had to plant the whole cornstalk ) it grew new ears of corn. ( It passed on to us ! )
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The corn cured a rare and deadly disease that was called Asian Flybying Fire&Ice disease. It had to be cooked the right way and eaten the right way ( It had to be cooked in meat and chewed for a while. ). But after that you had to eat a 1/4 cup of garlic.
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1 : The earth,our home
2 : The machines
3 : Fire,because you and me wouldn't get born without it.
4 : Me,because I couldn't be thankful without myself.
5 : My house,because I couldn't write what I am thankful for to all my great Livejournal friends and all my other great posts ( Not the sticking up wood kind that you hammer in ! )
6 : Livejournal,because I couldn't do all these great posts (not the sticking up wood kind that you hammer in ! )
7 : Music, because I wouldn't be in the right mood for writing if I didn't have it!(I am playing it right now. )
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but they were tumbling down the mountain which was the the capital of Unicorn Heaven , which was not a heaven , but there was only one ear of corn ,not as you expected. The place had no mayor, no queen,no king,no president,no prince and no princess,none of that stuff. (I mean no ruler.( the person who has lots of people to work for him))
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Mythbusters are great. They test myths in very crazy ways (sometimes normal ways for comparing). They sometimes do wacky myths (using sound and explosives to fire guns,firing meat for tenderness,using explosives to tenderize meat,using dryers to tenderize meat,paragliding themselves to make a girl fly 6 stories high,which is 60 feet high). I love watching Mythbusters
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But the people were going to find out, but the planeful of people was close to discovering it. ...
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KABOOM! The airplane did not explode, but the solar panels did explode! Everybody wondered what the explosion was from. It turned out the explosion was from a gun and speaker. But there is a secret missile that only the unicorns knew about.
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because they needed a solar-powered plane and solar-powered electricity and no batteries to see and feel it. The whole world thought the people who made this up were very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very crazy except them and the planeful of people
who were trying to get there. So the planeful of people tried it. It worked! They landed right in the capital of Unicorn heaven. ...
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Once upon a horny hill that was made out of unicorn horns and the world was chariots that were gold and unicorns that had all the
food and drink of any kind, there lived a long unknown land called Unicorn heaven that no one had discovered yet.One whole plane full of people was close to getting there but it seemed they flew around the world without going to it ...



Nov. 14th, 2010 10:24 am
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Parasites bite mice. Rats eat foundations.Moths use the moon to find their way.Roly-polys are in the
same family as the shrimp.Maggots are known as larvae.Stink bugs come from East Asia.Termite colonys can
have up to 2 million termites.Ants hear with their feet.
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In Glee Karaoke Revolution you ( or the other person, you can play with two people ) pick a song that you know ( or for a challenge, one that you do not know ) and sing it. If you are not good at it and you think you may think you might feel bad for doing bad, pass through it very quickly and do not look at the screen. I love karaoke!


Nov. 9th, 2010 05:45 pm
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In TJ gym we play with all kinds of exercise equipment and do lots of stretching. We have more fun than exercise gyms like Club Fit. We have different things at TJ gym at different times! TJ gym is great!
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9 years ago there weren't any Ipods. there are electronic fast energy "feet". Some trains use magnets. You can swallow a camera. There is laser surgery.There is a 3-D printer.
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1: Termites clean up other termites and themselves.
2: Ticks carry and get and spread disease.
3: Stay away from webs. They might have spiders that could poison you. Be careful!
4: Opossums can hold stuff with their tail.
5: Bats have 4 fingers.
6: Cockroaches need moisture to survive.
7: Silverfish are real.
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When Sythyry and i came home from a art museum I (and Bard,which you may know as Sythyry) discovered that my Kindle (electronic book reader) and Hanes bag and glasses case (I got bifocals) was missing. We looked in crazy places. (in all of the closets, in all of the shelves, in Vickibee's incense making room, and under 2 of the beds.)We finally found it in the laundry. It was never ever what we expected. When Sythyry asked me why i put it there, i said i guessed it was clean laundry.
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I checked on my cats IN PETZ;cats clan and adopted 1 cat. Their names are pollet,homebug,col,yodelihooo,Candy Cane,Pepper,Caramelle and Praline. Pollet is a really,really,really friendly cat. Pollet is the new one. Pollet makes lots of new friends and remembers old friends. I love my cats!
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Saturday,October 30 Pat came to visit me! We did electronics! In electronics we made a lie detector! We also took out my darts! We had different places to shoot the darts. First the wall, then the target,then the floor,then the ceiling. For the ceiling, we knocked them down with a mop. We loved and laughed when they fell on our heads. I love when Pat babysits! Pat is great!
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I got a new electronics kit! I love it! I can build a lie detector!
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Once up on Tertopermout Mountain ,the crazy monster mountain that was a monster itself,there was a extreme crazy human who dared to climb to the horn. Every time he tried a boulder knocked him down. But he had another extreme idea. He would parachute on the horn. Every time he tried nothing worked.
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5:00 Halloween night Oswald was drinking lightning or rabbids tea.That was the moment.Crazy RABBIDAS jumped out and flew at him and surrounded him so he did'nt know how to escape. THE END
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